Sirinity Holden

Basic Information
Civilian Name: Sirinity  Holden
Hero/Villain Codename: Siri
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality (Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual): Bi-Sexual
Marriage Status (Single, Married To, Dating): Single
Home Town/Home Planet: Bludhaven, Earth-9
Species (Human, Mutant, Alien, Symbiote, Etc): Meta-Human

Personality Information
Likes- Italian Food, Steaks, & Water
Dislikes- Seafood & Alcohol
Is Famous/Infamous For Fastest Swim Record At South Gotham High as Freshman
Costume/Clothes Worn:
Cutoff Jacket & Pants, Purple Shirt and Bracelet with MC initial on the Underside

Family Information
Mother: Rebecca Holden, 42 (Foster Mother), Unknown (Biological Mother) 
Father: Jamison Holden, 40 (Foster Father), Unknown (Biological Father)
Brother: Richard Vaughn, 19 (Foster Brother)
Sister: Alexa Reyes, 13 (Foster Sister)

Allies Information
Any Well Known Marvel/DC Characters As Allies: None 
Any Other Allies (Includes Other OCs): None Established Yet

Enemies Information

Equipment Information
Non Offensive Equipment Carried- None
Offensive Equipment Carried-None
Unique Equipment Carried- Bracelet

Transportation Information
What Does You OC Use To Get Around? Has License to Drive & Can swim great distances

Other Character Information
Alignment (Hero, Villain, Neutral): Neutral
Abilities (Mind Control, Healing Factor, Invisibility, Superhuman Strength Etc Etc)-  Atlantean Physiology & Strength, Swim Speed, Able to Understand Oceanic Animals
Goals: Hopes to find out about her heritage. Pursuing degreen in Marine Biology

Background Story

Abandoned as a two week old, Sirinity knows nothing of her family. All she was given was a bracelet bearing a strange marking with her first name and the initials MC on the underside. She was adopted by Jamison and Rebecca Holden within two months and knows of her adoption.

In her first swim meet for South Gotham High, she made the fastest swim time in the county's record and was to receive a scholarship to Metropolis University. Within a year, her powers began to show as she began to have strange cravings for seafood, a food she normally hates.

South Gotham was held hostage and during an attempt active shooter, Sirinity was one of three students to stand up and foil the attempt. Unfortunately, this heroic deed did not come without its negativity. Due to her Atlantean physiology manifesting as she was hardly affected by bullets, her swim records were erased and scholarships denied. When looking for a transfer school, a message showed up on her laptop about a school called Midville Tech that specialized in honing these new powers. With the prospect of being able to understand her limits, she accepted the transfer and is specializing in aquatics and studying to become a Marine Biologist.



Sirinity Holden

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