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  • Location: Midville, KY
  • Time: 0800, August 3rd, 2025

The best stories often start where characters often meet in some random bar or a damsel in distress situation. Not at Midville Tech, the best and least astounding school of higher education. Midville's impressive track record would earn them a top spot at the Ivy's…if it wasn't home to some of the worst heroes to date.

Many of you have known that you were destined for greatness when your powers manifested at a young age, other's took some time, and some unfortunate ones never got powers at all, relying on your intellect to get into this school. In a world filled with heroes like Superman, Nightwing, Martian Manhunter, and Zatanna and villains such as Harley Quinn, Circe, Lobo and Vandal Savage running amok, you, my dear child are stuck between both. Midville isn't just a tech school, but the biggest target that hasn't been discovered yet. For something BIG is about to happen.

Midville is one of 12 locations where high Meta activity has been spotted on a nearly daily basis. While many believe its just natural manifestations, some people suspect that these manifestations don't just happen in large pockets without there being a trigger of sorts. You are a first-year student at MT and are trying to choose one of three paths: become a great hero, be the worst villain, or try to regain your life never knowing which side will pick you off.

Welcome to Midville.

Home Page

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